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From my mailbox: Tennessee

Perhaps some day I’ll be able to visit and meet with everyone who has used my patterns [at least, those in the US and Canada.] Wouldn’t that be an amazing journey? While I dream of travels, I’m able to get a little glimpse into the adventures my little self-published book has encountered when I meet teachers and ministry leaders like Betty Smith on-line. Here’s our email conversation and her photos of beautiful quilt tops from The Word in Patchwork.

Just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed making this quilt top. I got a couple of ladies from my church to join me and each Tues. for several months now we would meet in one of the classrooms and quilt. The end results were 4 completely unique and beautiful quilt tops. We showed the tops off on Sunday before service began and got many compliments on them, several women now want to join our class and are bringing friends who do not go to a church, Praise God, what a wonderful way to plant seeds for the Lord. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful pattern. I will try to post pics but not sure how they will come out. (only have 2 pics to send, the other pics I’ll have to take again). Thank you again and God Bless.
Betty Smith
Betty: you don’t mention where you are writing from? I loved the photos of your quilt tops, and always enjoy hearing from groups using the patterns in the way I have prayed God will work. How lovely the quilts are! May I share them on my blog?  – Kim
Yes, you may share them in your blog, I would be honored. I’m writing from Greeneville, TN. I love your quilt patterns and really enjoy sharing them with others, the stories they tell can plant seeds in hearts for years and even generations to come. There are so many ways we can reach the lost, who would have thought that a quilt would be one of them? Who knows in years to come who will be telling the stories and who will hear. Love that! Thank you Thank you for sharing! This is truly a gift. – Betty
I love both these quilts, but I’m particularly taken with the grey/black/white one! I will keep this in mind for the next time I teach the sampler series for my teacher’s version.
God Bless

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From my mailbox: Japan

Every now and then, I still get photos or emails from people all around the world who have used The Word in Patchwork or other patterns from Quilter’s Neighbourhood. Thanks to everyone who takes time to write, and especially to those who share their photos!

Dear Kimberley Graham,
Thank you very much for sending your wonderful CD and The Book I ordered the other day. I am so happy to receive your Bible Quilt PDF and CD and Book.
I am a member of Oshika ( Japan Evangelical Lutheran ) Church. I lead Bible Quilt class in my church since 2010.I had almost no information about Bible Quilt text for the Class except your web site.
This year I started with your “ cup”pattern for the very beginners. I asked them to make one” cup” to make a small quilt for their first experience.2 of the experienced member almost finished big Bible Quilt sampler. Now I am planning to follow your “Shepherd’s Light” .
I am the one in red sweater in the picture of lunch table after my class. I hope you enjoy my pictures from Japan. : )
Yukika Wada

God Bless you,and all your quilting friends, Yukika


Potluck Japanese style Japanese class

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