Leaning in: Easter Saturday

April 11, 2020 at 3:19 pm 2 comments

river1It’s Easter Saturday as I write this: that most unappreciated day of the season. It’s the sorrowful wait: the worst has happened; the best is not yet imagined.

Most years we slide right over Easter Saturday. It’s the last day to buy candy and baskets for tomorrow’s frenzy of finding;  the day to thaw the meat, prep the vegetables, count the knives and forks and set the table for the big family gathering. But this year, Easter Saturday comes into its own.

This year, I begin to understand how the day must have felt for the disciples. Borne under by a flood of sorrow; fearful of every sound outside their door. Everything they had hoped for; everything they had dreamed at the triumphal entry on Palm Sunday is crucified with Christ yesterday at Calvary.  The loss is total and devastating.

Let’s lean in. Let’s join the disciples (all the disciples, not just the twelve, but the women, the followers who didn’t make the cut, the late comers, the hopeful-but-not-sure). Let’s grieve for all the plans that have shattered. Let’s recognize the fear of death that lurks at our door. Let’s acknowledge the floodwaters of grief that close over, leaving us gasping for air as we fashion masks from bandannas while bombarded by a mind-numbing stream of misinformation. Let’s admit, as they surely did, that nothing will ever be the same again.

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Let’s say out loud that this is hard; let’s allow ourselves and others to grieve because this isn’t what we believed God had in mind for us. Like the Marys, we begin to put together what we need for right now, but it feels more like herbs and cloths and spices for the corpse than the celebration we thought we should have.

A couple of months ago, we watched the flood waters pour over the banks of the river across from our house. When the water receded, it left behind devastation: debris, rocks, toppled trees. That must have been how the Jesus people felt on Saturday as the first shock began to slip away, leaving them changed forever. That’s how I feel as I contemplate what life may look like on the other side of the curve we’re flattening for Covid-19. Much of my comfortable world looks like debris.

We’re in the Easter Saturday waiting. Don’t rush through it. Mourn the ones we have lost, even while we are separated from others who should be here to comfort. Sit with our sorrow; cry together (while apart); honour our shattered hopes and prepare them for a decent burial

But also remember we will enter a different life once waiting is over. God is not surprised at any of this; He walks us through Saturday and into Resurrection life.

Let’s not rush toward it, but know in our souls that Sunday morning is coming, just as this impossibly delicate wild lily pushed its way through the debris beside the river, preserved against all hope from the watery grave of winter floods. There will be improbable beauty on the other side of this long, weary Easter Saturday.

He is Risen. Life wins

chocolate lily

— Pastor Kim

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  • 1. Janice Clarke  |  April 11, 2020 at 5:39 pm

    Kim This the best one yet! Is it OK to forward this on to my cousin’s?? They also lost a brother/father/uncle/cousin. He was a retired pastor and a wonderful man. My Robert died January 29th when this was all beginning and my father’s 1st cousin, died March 14th right in the middle of this whole thing. I hope they were able to have a small service. (My girlfriend Wynne, catholic, who serves mass at a small church, says they had a funeral earlier this week. Yup, I was surprised!). Anyway, I am hanging on, good in the morning, and not so good when I go to bed. That is to be expected though. I have some wonderful friends who have helped me a lot!! One of them, I told the story (most of it) of Robert’s behaviour and how bad it has been. That helped me a LOT!! My dr will help me find a therapist when I am ready to talk to one (hopefully after this isolation). PS. I have been enjoying reading about your baking adventures on Facebook. Take care Love J

    On Sat, Apr 11, 2020 at 4:19 PM The Word in Patchwork wrote:

    > wordinpatchwork posted: “It’s Easter Saturday as I write this: that most > unappreciated day of the season. It’s the long, sorrowful wait: the worst > has happened; the best is not yet imagined. This year, I begin to > understand how that must have felt for the disciples. Born under b” >

    • 2. wordinpatchwork  |  April 11, 2020 at 6:00 pm

      Of course you may. We continue to pray you through this very tough time.


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