Sunday morning coffee: Lemon Ginger Cake [aka Martha meets the Kitchen Philistine]

August 14, 2012 at 10:12 am 1 comment

Lemon-ginger Bundt Cake from Martha Stewart

A couple of days late [does anyone really notice or care?], this Sunday’s treat for Bridges at LaRosa comes from a new-to-me recipe from Martha Stewart. I’m not sure Martha would pronounce it a “good thing”, though: the gourmet ingredients she favours aren’t close to hand when I’m baking in my jammies at midnight! So, as per usual, I substituted the common folk more-or-less equivalents and this treat received rave reviews anyway. [Just don’t tell Martha!]

Martha Stewart’s Lemon Ginger Bundt Cake [with some Kitchen Philistine substitutions]

Martha’s Recipe is HERE

  • I used two squares of hard margarine instead of the unsalted butter
  • Reduced salt to 1/2 tsp to compensate
  •  plain yoghurt instead of sour cream
  • 7 medium eggs is roughly equal to 6 large ones

Everything else was pretty much as in the original recipe, except that I’m far too lazy to spoon and level the cups of flour. I just scoop it out of the bin, being careful to have a light touch and not to shake it down too much. [Shhh…don’t tell the baking police!]

  • never dust a pan with flour. [The one time I tried, the cake ended up looking leprous: eeeew!] I sprayed the pans really well with cooking spray and had no trouble at all.
  • The candied ginger I used was in slices, so I cut it into 1/8″ strips with kitchen shears and then chopped it fine. I didn’t have quite enough for 1/3 cup, and I would have liked more in the finished cake, although it was still good.

We had a family gathering on Sunday afternoon, so I made the bundt cake as my contribution to the dessert table, paired with a fresh fruit salad. Rather than cut into the cake ahead of time and ruin the presentation so I could serve some for church, I scooped out enough batter to fill a miniature loaf pan [5 1/2″x 3″]. It took about 25 minutes to bake. Dusted with icing sugar and sliced into fairly thin slices, the little lemon-ginger loaf was lovely and moist.

As a bonus, without the cup and a half of batter, the bundt cake rose just level with the top of the pan, making for a nice flat bottom for the serving dish. I took along a shaker full of icing sugar to finish it off before it went on the table: lovely. We sliced this quite thin: I know the recipe says 12 servings, but we easily got 40 slices that were a lovely light side with the salad and sweets. This cake is more like a loaf and would be very filling cut as big as the slice in the picture.

However you slice it, it was definitely a keeper: I’ll be making it again.

God Bless!


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