Cat Pox!

June 30, 2012 at 10:51 am Leave a comment

EyeRa, Frank [my incredibly patient husband] and George.

Folks over on RCTQ joke about their “Quilt Inspectors” – the furry family members who seek out our quilts-in-progress and do their best to claim them: shedding copious amounts of fur wherever they roost. Around here, they masquerade as the cute, cuddly siblings we bottle-fed after rescuing them from the feral cat colony that’s taken up residence in and around our shed and woodpile. As you can see, they’re pretty tame and lovable when they’re lounging with Frank while he watches TV at the end of the day.

They might appear peaceful and gentle, but if you look carefully, you can see the spray bottle on Frank’s bedside table. That’s there because of this:

My design wall after the cats discovered it!

Once George and EyeRa discovered the design wall in my sewing room, they took full advantage of this unique amusement: climbing, chasing each other and [most fun of all] reaching out to flick all the bits and pieces of blocks, works-in-progress and fabric swatches onto the floor.

Since they’re way faster than we humans, we’ve resorted to a blast of lemon-scented water from a spray bottle to dissuade them from adding to the creeping pox that has taken over the once-pristine batting covering the foamcore wall.

Now, if only I could convince them to put stuff up instead of dragging it down, I’d get them to help when I want to hang a project on  the very top of the wall so I wouldn’t have to drag the ladder out!

It’s never boring!


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