Called by Name [pick one!]

May 24, 2012 at 9:09 am 2 comments

Called by Name

Called by Name — Road to Damascus blocks from The Word in Patchwork

For the last 10 years, I’ve been waking up to a quilt on the wall opposite my bed.  The colours were chosen as part of the “Name Game” challenge with a now-defunct online group: K[ohl] I[vory] G[old] to represent my initials.  I added trapunto lettering “So that the Name of the Lord Jesus will be glorified in You” as a reminder that God calls us by name into His service so that we can bring Him glory. I never intended to keep this quilt: it was destined for a gift. Nonetheless,it’s ended up being a powerful reminder for me along this very unexpected path.

So….since the last time I typed at you, here’s where God has led me for His glory:

  • our little home church has morphed into the “community church” for an independent living facility in nearby Ladysmith, British Columbia. “Bridges at LaRosa” is now the only church left of the original 5 home churches, but we’re faithfully carrying on and learning how to be the Body of Christ together with those who’ve largely been forgotten by their more traditional congregations.
  • I’ve sought and received Lay Preacher credentials. That makes me “Pastor Kim” to the dozen or so members of our little church — an important step for them and for me.
  • I’ve largely let go of the Quilter’s Neighbourhood website, although I continue to sell the occasional book or PDF, but I’m still speaking, teaching beginner’s quilting and doing trunk shows.
  • We have officially retired! As we always planned, we’ve had fun travelling in the last year: Las Vegas, Halifax, Saskatchewan [to cook at Katepwa Lake Bible Camp], Montreal [via the recently acquired elderly RV ” Gumpermobile”], Hawaii, Montreal again to see the granddaughters and their parents.
  • Led the memorial service for my [adoptive] Mom. The only reason I’ve included the “adoptive” is because….

AFTER 55 years of wondering and looking, I’ve made contact with my family of origin: my birth mother died a couple of years ago, but through her obituary notice I found the names of my brother and an aunt. We’re in somewhat tentative contact, and lots of the pieces of the puzzle are still missing. Nonetheless, it feels like a whole new path. I’m honestly not even sure which name God is calling: for the first time in my life, HEATHER is as much me as KIM. Either way, I know I am called “Beloved.”

So, it continues to be an interesting journey: I hope there are still a few folks out there who would like to stop in and see where He’s taking me next. There will still be quilts [I forgot to mention the new-to-me longarm machine], perhaps a pattern or two to share. I make no promises, but I do know He’s up to something exciting and new, so I hope you’ll join me for the journey.

God bless

Kim [or maybe Heather]

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Called by Name Beyond Beginners

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  • 1. BrendaLou  |  June 3, 2012 at 11:23 am

    God knows your name…and that is what’s important. I pray for peace in your soul, not really knowing your story, but sensing your confusion and pain. You know who YOU are…and it’s really not determined by who is actually your parent or family. You are the child of God you have become.

    At my father’s memorial service I found that my mother (who had passed several years before) had been married prior to my father. Everyone knew but me and the hurt and confusion as to why she told my younger brothers and many family friends but not me haunted me for a long time. An uncle told me some, but he knew very little and is gone now too. God is faithful. He never changes, a Rock to hang on to.

    A big hug for you from a sister.

    • 2. wordinpatchwork  |  June 3, 2012 at 12:40 pm

      Thank you for your kind note, but obviously I didn’t express myself clearly enough in my post!

      Confusion and pain? Nope: excitement and anticipation! After 50+ years of wondering and a couple of decades of actually looking, it’s pretty exciting to find people to whom I am biologically related. Only another adoptee can understand how exciting it is to look at a picture and say “My mother’s nose, my grandmother’s chin, my aunt’s eyebrows”. My biological brother and cousins have been very generous in sharing information and photos, and, to my delighted surprise, they’ve all been welcoming and receptive to me [my aunt called it a “miracle”!] I haven’t yet met any of them, although I am hoping to do so: in the meantime, it’s pretty awesome to explore this other “identity” that goes with my name from my family of origin. [A delightful bonus: my brother’s stepmom is a quilter who has shared photos of her beautiful applique projects: lovely to hear from her!]

      I must say, I think this is totally God’s timing: at this stage of my life, I’ve let go of much of the angst of younger years, made my peace after a turbulent relationship with my adoptive mother,and am totally comfortable being Kim. A chance to explore what it might have been like as Heather is just a grand adventure: who knows where He’s leading? What fun to be on this journey: perhaps I’ll be able to share a bit as I find out more.

      God bless


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