New Years irresolution!

January 13, 2009 at 1:27 am Leave a comment

Now Christmas is over, I keep picking up and putting down projects. Somewhere in the heap is the Christmas quilt I started last month, and fabric cut out for a couple of other projects. But, nothing seems to appeal. Instead, I’m puttering at knitting toe-up socks in a gorgeous silk/alpaca blend [I taught myself the circular needle method over Christmas – still not sold on it!]

I’ve got one placemat of a set of six done waiting quilting: my quilting buddies are coming to lunch tomorrow, so I just might get two more done for our table  while I’m experimenting with lactose free acorn squash soup recipes.  But, somewhere in there I have to clean up the sewing room and fold freshly laundered fabric

That fabric includes flannel for my granddaughter Trinity’s nightgowns: she’s a tall 3-year-old and her Mom is having a hard time finding nighties long enough for her.


I actually finished a long-delayed project just before Christmas: a Christmas tree skirt with gold stars on a musin background. For the centre of the stars, I used velvet pieces left from our Christmas stockings AAARGH! It was awful to work with. I finally realized that I had to baste the seams and then sew to make it work. Photo to follow sometime.

BUT I really DO have to take down the last of the Christmas decorations tomorrow after my friends leave: I’m going into hospital for surgery on Wednesday and don’t want to come home to twinkling lights and gold balls!

The one thing I have accomplished in 2009 is to [finally] add the next block to the Genesis-Job series: check into Quilters’ Neighbourhood for Hill and Valley. As for anything else getting finished anytime soon….not likely!

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