PG-13 Quilting?

August 14, 2008 at 6:31 pm 2 comments

Most times, the only worry when I publish a quilt block pattern is about accuracy: do the numbers add up? Are the diagrams clear? Do the instructions make sense?

This month brought a whole new level of anxiety: will the message offend parents or younger participants? I never thought I’d be writing a pattern with a “Parental Advisory!” The first time I presented the Genesis to Job Bible Block series, I focussed on the more widely known Bible stories and the blocks that related to those Scriptures. This time out, as I’ve made my way through the scripture, I’ve arrived at a lesser-known passage: the story of Jacob’s daughter Dinah.

This isn’t a pretty Bible story: it’s not going to be featured in any children’s books, and you’re not likely to hear it preached on a Sunday morning. As a matter of fact, it’s downright sordid: the stuff of adults-only movies and late-night TV. Why would I even consider adding Aunt Dinah to my Bible block series?

I hope this little scripture message will, in its own small way, give women “permission to speak” about the difficult issues the passage brings up. I hope we can respond openly, honestly, and without sugar-coating unpalatable truths. And I hope we can help one another to begin the journey toward healing and restoration.

All that from one little Bible Block pattern. Still…”little is much when God is in it!”

If the message of Aunt Dinah speaks to you; or if it has you asking “what’s next?” or “how do I begin to deal with________?”, drop me a line. Other people have walked the road ahead of you, and are ready to shine His light down the path to recovery. I’d be happy to offer some suggestions for resources and information to help on your journey.

God bless you all.


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  • 1. Beth  |  August 16, 2008 at 3:00 pm

    I think you handled the story well. I’m not using this series with a group at this time, but if I were, I would include the story of Dinah. Its in the Bible for a reason. Girls need to develop a sense of compassion for those who are hurt and understand the possibilities when you are out and about.

    Also, a note about the Joseph’s coat block, The line diagram wouldn’t load when I went to the block. The one with the letters that correspond to color choices.

  • 2. wordinpatchwork  |  August 16, 2008 at 4:00 pm

    Thanks for your encouragement Beth. If our young women see us meeting pain with compassion, they may find the courage to speak out about their own hurtful experiences, and to respond with love to the hurt in others.

    The Joseph’s diagram is fixed: do remember to hit “reload” to get the picture to come up. Sorry about the error!

    God Bless


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