How Hard Can It Be?

March 7, 2008 at 3:49 pm Leave a comment

templecourta.jpgMy friend Judy and I each bought 3 metres of Katrina: a gorgeous red on black floral border stripe. Judy’s already well on the way to finishing her quilt top, and since we challenged each other to get it done this spring, I better start quickly!

Plan A: since I’d like to have some new Bible Block quilts for the Patchwork and Song events, I decide a block from Word in Patchwork would be a good choice. The fabric has a wide floral band with a narrow stripe, so I choose “Temple Court.” The centre square will show off the floral, the corner patches feature stripes nicely. Next choice: 12″ or 15″. Unfortunately, the 12″ is perfect for the stripe, but too small for the centre while the 15″ is too big for the stripe. Sigh.

Plan B: when I originally drafted the pattern for Temple Court, I added extra seams to make piecing a bit simpler. I’ll go back to the traditional block [from EQ6] without those seams. Unexpected bonus: the “star points” in this version are lost in the Word in Patchwork version: it will be fun to play with value in those. Problem: now the centre patch is too big for the floral.

templecourt.jpgPlan C: I decide to split the centre patch into four and selectively cut identical pieces for a kaleidoscope effect [a la Bethany Reynold’s Stack and Whack .] Now to sew a test block.

Yikes! Now I remember why I had to add those seams to make this “beginner friendly.” Without the extra seams, there’s no easy way to put this block together.

constructtemplecourt.jpg2 hours and a lot of frog-stitching later, I’ve come up with an assembly method that avoids set-in-seams. No way around the partial-seams, though: and on bias edges, too! But, it’s pretty darn spiffy, if I do say so. 1 block down, 12 to go!

Anyone see an easier way to do this? I’d love to hear from you!

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UFO Sighting: repurposed Re-designing a [not-so-traditional] Bible Block

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