Quilting the quilt

February 21, 2008 at 9:29 am 2 comments

I hate stitch-in-the ditch!

There…I said it! I love most things about quilting [though I procrastinate at the “get it quilted” stage], but I gotta say “I hate stitch-in-the-ditch.” I’m working on the Night and Day quilt for my son’s new nephew: the only quilting that seemed to fit was (you guessed it) stitch-in-the-ditch.

Usually, I just go around the block patches while I’m doing the other fancy stuff, using my free-motion foot. But, for this quilt, I’m doing the “roll up the quilt and work in lines” type of stitching with a walking foot. Booooring! And what do you do about all the lines that don’t connect? Seems to me I’m forced to choose between backtracking over the stitching I’ve already done, or having a million ends to trim. Aggh!

quilt.jpgHere’s the photo I promised: the finished Night and Day quiltnightdayclose.jpg after it was washed and dried [a closeup to show the novelty prints follows] Did I mention that I HATE stitch-in-the-ditch? Still I think it looks pretty good.

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  • 1. shirley larson  |  March 26, 2008 at 9:56 am

    My friend and I just finished the 23 ps. and are about to quilt it, is there any advice on how to this. We have a Pfaff Grand quilter and are looking for ideas to make the wall hanging as stunning as we can. We are going to hang it in the chruch for our 125th ann. this summer. Any advice it welcome. Shirley

  • 2. wordinpatchwork  |  March 26, 2008 at 12:14 pm

    Hi Shirley: I just saw a quilt done for a church in Ucluelet, BC: the quilter chose to do a fairly close meander in the background, some swirls in a variegate in the “shadows” blocks, and outline quilting in the other blocks. I think she did a cable type border in the outer border as well. It looked very nice!

    For my own quilt, since I am definitely of the “quilt it to within an inch of its life” style of quilter, I’m planning a very dense filler pattern in the background, free-hand feathers in a variegate in the “shadows” parts of the quilt, outlining the Shepherd’s star and portions of the other blocks, with stippling in the background of the other blocks. I’ll do something fairly simple in the outer border, since this is a busy print, but I’ll need to quilt it enough so the finished piece lies flat when hung. Hope that helps!

    I’d love to see photos of your finished quilt. A word of caution: make SURE you have the permission of your church’s board and the building committee before you hang it, and let the board and congregation know your wishes for the quilt should they decide they no longer wish to display it [eg: the quilt is to be returned to you, or sold at auction or whatever, NOT thrown away.]

    I have heard a couple of horror stories of quilts thrown out and, in one case, the quilter billed for repairs to the gyproc when people have gone ahead with projects for their churches: your “art” may be someone else’s blanket. Do protect your hard work and your relationship with your leadership and the congregation by being sure they understand the work and the significance of the quilt!



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